Unhallowed Life


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While demons are meant to punish, tempt, dominate and consume, the life of a demon bears similarities to that of a mortal and is governed by its own appetites, goals and laws.

A demon’s place in the supernatural order is much the same as a human’s. They are here to do a task. They have motives and come from a wide variety of backgrounds that influence how they make decisions just as humans do. They have societal norms that prevent them from acting too far out of their position just like humans do.

The most overriding demonic appetites are to devour souls and absorb life. The more souls a demon gathers to itself, the greater chance it has at Descending the Internal Continuum. This in turn allows the demon to gain greater power and dominion to afford further opportunity at travelling to mortal Earth and garnering souls. The life energy of humanity is equally irresistible to a demon, though simply devouring a human is not as satisfying as having people sacrificed to summon it. Such a sacrifice is almost entirely consumed by the summoning, but also grants the demon a limited immunity to Hallowed Powers aspect for 7 days.

Demons are able to speak and understand any mortal language which has been used for evil purpose. They also have their own language known as Null Speak, a muffled, atonal language that hints at terror and unending madness. Any mortal hearing the language must make a Defend action using Will against the demon’s Infernal Might or gain the aspect Unnerved for the scene.

Demons are centuries, if not millennia, old and many were ancient when Rome fell. As a result, there are demons from all cultures and religions dating back to the dawn of time.

Time passes quickly for demons in Hell and most of their lives are nothing more than blurred impressions of events. Their time on Earth, however, is always poignant and a sharp contrast to the foggy recollections of Hell. As such, many demons keep trinkets and tokens of their travels throughout Hell in order to anchor their memories.

As members of the Infernal Continuum, demons also have a perfect sense of the passage of time. Every visit to Earth is clearly etched within the eddies and ripples of time’s flow over the world and it is these currents that demons can intuitively read.


Unhallowed Life

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