Unhallowed Commandments

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The Unhallowed Commandments

As there are laws for mortals, so are there laws for angels and demons. Demons are bound by the Unhallowed Commandments as follows:

  1. The Seven Deadly Sins are your harvest and you shall reap them as no other.
  2. Hallowed ground is the domain of angels where you shall hold no sway.
  3. Demons must abide by the Laws of Hospitality and may not enter a house uninvited.
  4. Lead the Innocent into temptation and show them the darkest path of their own hearts’ desires.
  5. One’s name is powerful and in turn grants power to whomever wields it.
  6. Corrupt, hurt and hinder, for your challenges shall determine the Worthy.
  7. Until the Trumpets of Rapture free you from weakness of flesh and appetite, your form shall suffer the trials of mortality.


Unhallowed Commandments

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