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Pelei Demonic Stunts

Implant Anger
Infernal Might : 1
Opposed By : Deceive or Rapport

This spell fills the target with a Mind-numbing Anger (with free invocations for the scene by the demon), which also breaks their concentration and prevents them from working. The aspect lasts for the scene (until the target can recover from stress if the power succeeds with style).

Gout of Flame
Infernal Might : 1
Opposed By : Shoot

You can breath a great gout of flame (offensive scale, anywhere within two zones away), causing consequences like Intense Burn (moderate or severe). If this attack takes a creature out, it is completely turned to ash.

Draw Ire
Infernal Might : 1
Opposed By : Provoke

When you create an advantage on an opponent using Provoke, you can use your free invocation to become the target of that character’s next relevant action, drawing their attention away from another target. You may also raise the ire of a mortal and cloud their judgment.


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