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The Jutas, also known as Puppeteers or The Subtle Ones, are masters of possession, so much so that they do not have a physical form of their own when they enter the mortal realm. Instead, the Jutas appear as mist or fog within which they can form fleeting, ephemeral shapes to provoke fear in humanity.

The Jutas’ drive to feed on mortal envy is countered by the emotion itself: envy does not suddenly appear, it is organically grown. To do this, the Jutas will often seamlessly thread it’s dark whispers into a person’s mind in such a way that their presence is hidden among a mortal’s own desires. The more innocent and humble the person, the sweeter and more satisfying the bounty when the luscious green fruit of envy bursts forth, especially when it ends in violence or great emotional loss for the envious themselves.


Jutas Stunts

Infernal Might : 4
Opposed By : Will

On a successful Will Attack roll and the expenditure of Infernal Might, a Jutas can impose the Possessed aspect onto a human for a period of 1 day. If the Jutas Succeeds with Style , the Possessed aspect is extended to 1 week. During this time, the Jutas inhabits and controls the physical form of the human, though anything that causes self-harm will instantly force a Will contest between the human and the Jutas. Particularly powerful Jutas have been known to possess multiple humans at once, controlling all of them in a synchronous and horrifying dance of imprisoned minds.

Infernal Might : 1
Opposed By : Will

This power allows the Jutas to bend the will of the target (who must be within 10 yards) to that of the Jutas for a brief moment (one exchange). The target will do what the Jutas commands, though self-harm is only possible if the Jutas Succeeded with Style. A tie merely inflicts an In My Head boost. This power takes one action to perform.

Cloud Memory
Infernal Might : 3
Opposed By : Will

This power blocks the target’s ability to remember a particular event. The Jutas must be able to communicate directly to the target, either by already having Possessed them, or verbally if the Jutas has inhabited a human. The memory must be very specific, but in no way affects the target’s skills. Jutas often use this after having Possessed someone so that they do not remember the possession event itself, thus leading many subjects to question their own sanity.

Soul Switch
Infernal Might : 5
Opposed By : Will

This power allows the Jutas to extend their body snatching powers to others by forcing two souls to swap bodies. The effect lasts for 1hr on a Success and 1 day on a Success with Style.



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