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Belphegor Stunts

Ruinous Wish
Infernal Might : 4
Opposed By : Provoke or Deceive

On a successful Provoke or Deceive Attack roll and the expenditure of Infernal Might, a Belphegor can grant a wish to a mortal. The wish must always twist the mortal’s original intent and end badly. If the wish actually ends in the mortal’s death, the soul is reaped by the Belphegor and their Infernal Might is refreshed to maximum.

Infernal Might : 1
Opposed By : Deceive

On a successful Deceive roll and with the expenditure of Infernal Stress, this power allows the Belphegor to appear harmless to mortals in the vicinity, even in the direst of circumstances. This power takes one action to perform. The mortals will be aware of, but actively avoid harming the Belphegor when possible. If the Belphegor directly and obviously threatens the mortal, the mortal can make a Will defence roll vs the demon’s Deceive attack to shake off the effect.

Cloud Memory
Infernal Might : 3
Opposed By : Will

This power blocks the target’s ability to remember a particular event. The Belphegor must be able to communicate directly to the target. The memory must be very specific, but in no way affects the target’s skills. Belphegor often use this while attempting to convince someone to be inactive in the face of their silver tongued convincing.


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