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Alkonost Stunts

Form of Heart’s Desire
Infernal Might : 1
Opposed By : Deceive or Rapport

On a successful Deceive or Rapport Overcome roll and the expenditure of Infernal Might, an Alkonost can take the form of any mortal’s most lustful desire. The change is instantaneous and gives the Alkonost the aspect of Perfection Embodied when dealing with the target. The change lasts for one scene.

Chain Lust
Infernal Might : 1
Opposed By : Deceive

On a successful Deceive Overcome roll and with the expenditure of Infernal Stress, this power allows the Alkonost to invigorate arousal in a mortal. This lust is then transferable by touch to any other mortals within the same scene who immediately begin to act upon their most lustful thoughts. If the Alkonost directly and obviously threatens the mortal, the mortal can make a Will defence roll vs the demon’s Deceive attack to shake off the effect.

Vampiric Embrace
Opposed By : Will or Rapport

This power allows the demon to slowly drain the life and soul from a mortal within reach. The Alkonost must focus upon the mortal in question, but can regains three Stress points to any Stress track. If the Alkonost has successfully used Chain Lust within the same scene and it is in effect upon at least 5 mortals, the Alkonost also regains one Infernal Stress per minute.



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