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World War II is in full swing when The Rapture happens. What literally should have been an earth shaking event was barely noticed over the thunderous hammering of mortar shells, the mud-soaked stench of death and the resigned but ever-present tension of staccato gunfire.

Demons are a part of the supernatural order of things and should have been unleashed upon the world at the sound of the heavenly trumpets, but the gates of Hell remain unyieldingly sealed and the grim-faced cerberans refuse to let any demons near the portals to the mortal realms.

Something is wrong and the Prince of Lies is missing. 

The PCs are demons who have found a way out of Hell in a desperate attempt to find the truth.

Where is their master, the Prince of Darkness?
Why do the Unhallowed Gates remain sealed?
Why is so much of humanity left behind?
Why must they feed in the mortal realm when The Rapture should have freed them from such base needs?

Between the blood-soaked violence of WWII, the need to feed their demonic drives and the search for answers, the PCs will have plenty to keep them busy.

System: Fate Core (with some components of Fate Accelerated)

Game Term: This will be a medium length campaign (6-12 sessions) depending heavily upon what we want as a group.

Medium: It’ll be run via G+ and recorded (mainly to act as my session notes). If we’re happy with the game, we can even release as a podcast AP.

PCs : The characters are demons who have escaped from Hell. More information on the types of demons available to players, as well as some of their dark powers, can be found in the wiki .

World War Rapture

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