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To Serve in Heaven….

Angels and demons have been present in almost every culture since humanity began its first cautious steps into the light. The world of World War Rapture is no exception.

As civilizations and religions develop over time, their impact on the supernatural and the celestial is both subtle and profound. As the Greeks came to dominate the world, the heavens slowly transformed into Mount Olympus, while the underworld made its own terrible transformation into Tartarus. Later, the Romans made their impact, then the Dark Ages, and so on until today where the heavens and hells have molded to the beliefs of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.

The melting pot of the faith and beliefs of billions has created the supernatural world as it is today.

To Rule In Hell

Demons have existed since the first hints of fear in human hearts and hold a special place in the supernatural order of things. They are destroyers and seductresses and the whispered voice in the terrible silence of night.

The Prince of Darkness is the most potent of all demons. Whoever or whatever He was in the time Before is not as important as who He is and what He does now. His rule is strong, though He is occasionally challenged by others within The Demonic Horde (as the full range of demon kind is named).


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