Demonic Horde


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Alkonost : AKA Succubus, Siren, Harpy. These Eastern European Lust demons are the quintessential seducers, leaving a broken-hearted trail of smitten lovers and confidants in their wake, each fighting the other for the merest hint of the Alkonost’s attention. The Alkonost have the best understanding of humanity and are the closest to humanity in their natural forms. They use the power of their voices to enchant, terrify and tempt mortals to give up their souls.

Belphegor : AKA Viziers. These Middle Eastern demons encourage the idleness and procrastination of the rich. Belphegor often insinuate themselves into courts of power and provide whispered advice that urges patience that leads to inaction. The Belphegor laugh at the irony of the mighty and the powerful growing fat and lazy, a life of waste that leads only to the Belphegor soul pits .

Jutas : AKA Puppeteers. When visiting the mortal realm, these Northern European demons possess the bodies of others in order to wreak their havoc. They have a deep understanding of the dark side of emotions and use powers of misfortune to subtly slip poisonous Envy into the hearts of their victims.

Pelei : AKA Furies, Juggernauts . These Oceanic demons are engines of destruction, using fire and brute strength to inflict pain and suffering. Pelei rage is contagious and since the dawn of humanity has driven many a civilization to a ruinous end. Far from being stupid brutes, the Pelei know that it only takes one mortal’s heart to be filled with Wrath for the spark of hatred and anger to take hold and blossom a dark bounty of souls.

Tokoloshe : AKA Goblins, Imps . The short, ugly masters of Pride, these subtle African water demons use knowledge and invention as weapons, stealing mortal souls with scraps of stolen wisdom by mortals down the dark path of pride by playing upon humanity’s boundless curiosity. Throughout history, Tokoloshe have turned the tides of wars with their dark insight and extracted a heavy toll that only serves to line Tokoloshe sacks with souls. These demons are invisible in water and also have limited powers over time, including the ability to peer into the future from where they steal their “wisdom”. Tokoloshe who peer too far beyond their time have been known to go mad.

Xolotl : AKA Grave Walkers . These lightning fast and skeletally-thing South American demons are often mistaken for the undead, their gloom-filled eyes and gaping mouths hinting at a bottomless hunger that remains unfulfilled. Xolotl have the ability to speak to the dead and summon their unresting spirits to haunt the living, as well as powers over storms.

Yaoguai : AKA Rakshasa . These Northern Asian demons are one of the few to only assume animal forms when in the mortal realm. The Yaoguai use their knowledge of hidden treasures and ability to smell items of value to tempt humanity to spend all they have in fruitless searches that end in death or madness. Ancient rumour hints that the Yaoguai stole the portfolio of Greed from the Tokoloshe, who have now become the masters of Pride.

Demonic Horde

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