Breach Hell Gates

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True Names

Words and names are used to master and define the universe. The names of ancient creatures such as Demons and Angels hold even more power, especially over the entities themselves, and it is their True Names that are often invoked in rituals used to summon these beings.

True Names can be used to call, bind and banish any of the ancient supernatural entities from beyond the world. Knowledge of a demon’s True Name is a double edged sword for both the demon and the mortal as it is in the demon’s best interest to be called to Earth as often as possible in order to reap souls, but also opens the possibility for a human with the proper knowledge of the Dark Arts to control and bind the demon.


Soul Anchors

Demons that want to stay on Earth (or who’s summoners want them to stay) are often bound to physical objects known as Soul Anchors. These Soul Anchors store a piece of the demon’s True Name and can be used to call the demon without the onerous requirements of the normal summoning rituals.

Soul Anchors can be almost any physical object, but are usually portable and made of durable materials, such as brass rings, copper lamps and even complex puzzle boxes.

While a learned practitioner of the Dark Arts can use the Soul Anchor to summon and control a demon, even an unsuspecting innocent can inadvertently summon the demon if they toy with the Soul Anchor. This is especially the case if the Soul Anchor is touched by blood or is in the presence of very powerful, dark emotions, such as lust, fury or greed.


Breach Hell Gates

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